Our Philosophy

Empowermind Psychology aims to Empower our clients to become the best versions of themselves and to live the best quality of life.

Quality is at the epicentre of our practice. We put our clients at the forefront and make the effort to ensure each client feels that they are a valued individual.

Our clinicians are taught to value best practice and customer service to build upon a team of quality practitioners that will translate in satisfied and empowered clients.



Empowermind Psychology clinicians have a wealth of experience working with participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. If you are funded by the NDIS and seek a psychologist for assessments, therapy and NDIS reports, and are either self-managed or plan-managed, we are a provider that can help with your journey to a better quality of life and meet your NDIS goals.


Most people will experience low mood and depression at some time in their lives. Symptoms include low energy or changed sleeping and eating patterns, feeling down, guilty, or hopeless, struggling with motivation or not enjoying what you once did. Empowermind Psychologists can help guide you to recognise the symptoms and build the skills to overcome depression.


Stress is the body’s response to being put under pressure from external “stressors”. Stress can lead to  a range of problems including insomnia, relationship problems, health problems, burnout, addictions, career and life dissatisfaction. Our psychologists can help you with a range of distress tolerance skills to empower you to overcome stress and live a life worth living.

Emotional Regulation

All emotions have a function but sometimes we can become agitated, frustrated or angry and as a result we do or say something hurtful or regretful. Emotional regulation is the process of maintaining control of our own emotions to manage the tough situation we face. Our psychologists can help give you the skills necessary to manage your own emotions.

Social Skills

Reading other peoples body language, getting social cues, understanding when someone is joking or being serious, and being assertive to get your voice and opinion heard are just some of the social cues we need to juggle when interacting with others, but often these skills are not taught. Empowermind psychologists can help you master these skills to make socialising more easy.


Anxiety comes in many forms. If you continuously worry or get anxious about what people think of you, experience panic attacks, have specific phobias such as of heights or closed spaces, our psychologists can use proven methods to teach you the skills to leave anxiety behind and live the life you deserve.

Affordably priced therapy with experienced Psychologists. Easy, transparent, flat pricing through Medicare rebates or NDIS funding.